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5 Steps To Make Piping

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5 Steps To Make Piping

Personally, since piping can leave a nice appearance, I love adding it to my home décor project for the finishing and to some of my dresses as well. All you need to have is choosing an affordable sewing machine in many cheap sewing machines for beginners on the market nowadays, and you can make your own piping. So, here I am today to show you 5 steps on how to make the piping.

1. Cut Strips:

At the time of preparing piping, you should choose fabric according to the theme of the project, and you can also pick up the color on the basis of contrast. It is recommended to draw a line on the inner side of the fabric to avoid any mismatch cut before cutting. Then, fold the fabric diagonally so you can cut the straight line as well as match the grainline. You can cut as many strips as you want, but it should be based on what kind of project you are doing.

2. Connect Strips:

The second step is connecting strips. Now you have two strips which need to be connected to each other. So, sew lines from the top corner to attach them together. Once you are done with the sewing, it’s time to move towards seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance of the piping and repeat the whole process of connecting to all strips. You ought to make it a one long tape shape strip to use it on the project.

3. Make Piping Cord:

The third step is making piping cord so you need to get a fabric cord which is available at any sewing goods stores. For the home décor project, it must be thick enough to provide stability to the project as well as to hide the fraying ends of it. Now after placing the cord at the inner side of the fabric, you need to stabilize it with pins. Then, fold over the top of the fabric in half to cover the cord.

4. Sew Piping:

The longer stitches, the more it will help the piping in getting a grip on the project and you can attach it easily. My advice is to keep the zipper foot attached to your best sewing machine for beginners as it is going to make your work a lot easier. Now start stitching the fabric along with the cord but don’t keep it too tight. Sew it from end to end and it must look like a stick in shape. Keep the stitches and piping as even as possible. Now you have your homemade piping in your hands.

5. Attach Piping:

The final step you need to complete is attaching the sewn piping to the panel or fabric which you intended to make. This part is quite crucial because you have to connect the piping to the garment and it must look clean and professional. Start attaching the piping to the project point to point by using pins. I recommend pressing it by fingertips or iron to keep it flat at the time of connecting. The combination of both long and medium stitches will give a firm strength to your project.


For the next time preparing any project, you are definitely going to prepare the piping for it as it is fun and you will get a chance to play with the color combination in something unusual. If you are looking for the best sewing machine for beginners, this article will help you have the right kind of advice.

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