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Some free astrology remedies to strengthen love

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1. Wear diamond stone to strengthen your love and strengthen Venus for your horoscope.

To increase the energy of the 5th and 6th abode, give grains to birds every morning in the morning.

3. Gifts in black color, including gifts or accessories, should no longer be shared between female friends and lovers. Because of this there can be trouble in love. Give the best yellow, red or red colored item.

4. Donate green bangles and yellow clothes to the woman on Thursday.

5. Must meet the lover on Friday. This treatment strengthens love.

6. If there is Mangal dosha in the starting horoscope, then it should be removed, for this you can also take advice from a wonderful astrologer.

7. Vastu Shastra advises that the south-west corner should be open from the rest room or kitchen. This can cause problems in relationships.

8. Red color should be used in the west-west direction.

9. Place the photo of your lovebirds for your bedroom in the south-west direction. This treatment makes love progressively stronger.

10. The bedroom should no longer be on the east or north-east side of the residence as it is considered wrong in Vastu Shastra to do so.

11. Keep your family photos and love letters in the north direction.

12. Paint the wall you are sleeping in white.

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