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Screw Driver: 5 Features That Make It a Must-Have Tool


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The first screwdrivers were created in the early 15th century to tighten the newly created screws used in metal armour and war machines.

The only significant advancements over the previous few hundred years in the technology of screws and their drivers, however, have been an increase in the diversity of drives, advancements in the metals used in their production, and the development of more effective screwdriver handles.

Today, the common screw and its matching driver are crucial to the development of modern technology and industry. Therefore, continue reading on, whether you are considering a DIY project for your home or are looking for new screwdrivers for industrial manufacturing.

Buying Guide for a Screw Driver

Compared to other tool classes, the quality of a screwdriver is arguably more directly correlated with its price. Therefore, it is crucial to AVOID purchasing low-quality, unproven brands. The most frequent issue with subpar screwdrivers is that the tips, irrespective of the kind, do not adequately match the drive of the screws.

Taparia Screw Drivers are a good example. The cross-shaped drive of some screws made in Asia and the Far East is narrower and deeper than screws made in the West.

Other instances are the too-soft or too-brittle tips of inexpensive screwdrivers, which make them susceptible to breaking when under stress. The screw becomes so harmed as a result that, even with top-notch tools, extracting it is nearly impossible.

Therefore, always check for recognised brands when buying screwdrivers, like that Taparia Screw Driver Set and bring along a sample of the screws you intend to use. Avoid buying tools that do not exactly match the drive in the screw by testing the tip of the screwdriver against the drive to guarantee a correct fit.

Taparia Screw Driver Set

Features that make Taparia Screwdrivers a must-have

Screwdrivers are handy in nature

screwdriver comes in handy for repairing minor damage and makes it simple to operate any equipment. Due to its many functions, this lightweight, extremely portable hand tool is a need.

Screwdrivers have a magnetic head

Some screwdrivers have a magnetic substance for the screw head. This magnetic head's function is to make it simpler for the screwdriver to "capture" the screw. Additionally, it helps to lower the possibility of misplaced screws during removal. Without a magnetic head, the screw can disappear right away or soon after being taken out.

Screwdrivers have a perfect grip

The screwdriver's handle has a nice grip since it is made to sink into the palm of your hand deeply. Rounded handles are very compact and allow you to apply a lot of torque.

Screwdrivers are versatile in nature

One of the most important hand instruments in any tool box is the screwdriver. A screwdrivers is essential to performing a specific activity involving loosing or tightening fasteners in many different circumstances and occupations, which includes electrical & electronics equipment, opening cell devices, opening machines, engineering and industrial manufacturing, carpentry and building, welding and fastening wood to metal, and combustible situations are some of the most frequent uses of screwdrivers.

Types of Screwdrivers

Torque Screwdrivers

screwdriver with torque is comparable to a torque wrench, not to be confused with Torx. Both are utilised to provide a particular torque that is intended to be just right but not overly strong. They are perfect for screw tightening so that the material being fastened is not broken and, conversely, for screw tightening so that the screws do not fall out. A torque-limiting clutch on a torquing screwdrivers sets a restriction on how much force can be exerted in excess of that point.

Torque Screwdriver

Electrical Screwdrivers

Compact power tools like electric or cordless screwdrivers are useful for a variety of jobs including furniture assembly or screwing into softwood or other comparable materials. The purpose of impact drivers, on the other hand, is to apply sudden force to drive into or remove from harder, denser materials to tighten or loosen fasteners. They are simply a more heavy-duty sort of screwdrivers.

Electrical Screwdrivers

Insulated Screwdrivers

Insulated screwdrivers, also referred to as safety screwdrivers, are crucial for exercising caution in potentially dangerous situations. They are made of rubber and other non-conductive materials. Safety is another consideration in the design of VDE screwdrivers. Tools are tested by the VDE, a company with worldwide accreditation, to confirm that they adhere to the required safety requirements. Electricians should use these tools.

Insulated Screwdriver

Choose the best screwdriver sets from Industry Buying

At Industry Buying, the best screwdriver available is that of Taparia. So, you can be confident a thing you get from Industry Buying is authentic and of high quality. If you only have a few demands, a basic screwdriver that is dependable and efficient is a good option. When working with various types of appliances, this toolset is really helpful. You can choose a larger, more versatile toolkit or a smaller one depending on your needs.

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