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Henna design and their meaning


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Shastri nagar , Jodhpur, Rajsthan,

Various designs that people can chose to make with mehendi by Henna manufacturers in India 

Birds: The link between heaven and Earth Freedom.
Butterfly: Liberation, metamorphosis, rebirth and new beginnings. Two butterflies symbolize a happy marriage.

Cat: Good fortune, wisdom and protection.
Clover: An ancient Celtic magical symbol of vitality and growth. Good fortune: The four leaves represent fame, prosperity, love and health.
Dragon: Bestows good fortune and fertility  Protection, good luck, balance and strength.

Dragonfly: Fly free of false illusion and be transformed.
Eye: Wisdom, prosperity, spiritual protection and goo
Ivy: Fidelity and friendship health.

Feather:Truth, order and justice.  
Key: Liberation and freedom, Success in unlocking hidden knowledge and wisdom.Lotus: Symbol of regeneration, of rising from the mud and the muck into something lovely.  Purity, harmony, and an opening of the heart.

Leaf: Happiness and prosperity.
Moon: Enhance feminine energy, protection and health. Fertility, the power of change, good luck and psychic abilities

Om: Gratitude for all. The oneness of the universe.
Peacock: Immortality and beauty.
Phoenix: Regeneration and rebirth.

River: Impermanence, fluidity and continual renewal. Go with the flow.
Scorpion: Protection against injustice, malice, or to overcome self-destruction.
Serpent: Renewal, hidden power and protection.

Spider: Power and growth. Associated with the number 8 or infinity, also a great symbol.
Spiral: A symbol of the Goddess, protection or going within.
Sun: Resurrection and renewal.
Tree: Staying grounded while reaching for your dreams. Growth.
Yin/Yang: Balance, dualities, interconnectedness, and the link between natural opposites.

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