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If you're a student, and someone asks you to solve the previous year's question papers, you may wonder why it's important to solve the previous year's question papers. If so, you're going to find the reasons behind it right here. Only keep scrolling around.

JEE previous year papers download helps you to prepare in a systematic way, also it enhances your preparation.

Practice Makes Perfect

We've all heard the saying practise makes it great, which means that the more you practise, the closer you get to it. The same law applies to the resolution of previous year's question papers. When you solve a problem, again and again, you'll get a better understanding of the formula or better to memorise the steps that will help you improve your results over time and do well in the exams.

Easy Revision Method

Solving the previous year's question papers helps you quickly revise the syllabus. No matter how much you think you've learned, once you practise it, you're not going to have any idea how much learning you've learned. As retention is crucial to doing well in the tests, the previous year's papers will give you an indication of how much retention there is and how far you do need to go.


Another justification for trying to solve the previous year's question papers is that you get to analyse your own strengths and weaknesses. Yeah, if you solve the previous year's question papers after a couple of days, and you get stuck with the same question or formula, it will make you understand that you actually never understood the formula, but only memorised it. This time, it could inspire you to understand it so that you really understand its concept.

Timing Yourself

Students who struggle to solve previous year's question papers frequently believe like they skip questions in the test because they have not handled time properly. So, solving previous year's papers shows you the importance of time management. You're still changing with the passage of time. For example, if you've solved a sample of paper in an hour and 10 minutes the first time you've tried it, it's highly likely you'll finish it in an hour the next time you try it.

Learning the Exam Pattern

When you solve the exam papers of the last few years, it will help you understand the recent pattern of the exam. You're going to get a rough idea of how many questions are answered from which part of the syllabus. For example, if you solve a chemistry exam paper, you would know how many questions were about organic chemistry and how many were about inorganic chemistry.

Final Words of Advice

Now, if you know the benefits of why it's important to solve the previous year's question papers, then we recommend that you try this trick once every few days to make sure you don't end up memorising the questions and filling out the answers like a robot. Also, note that solving previous year's question papers is not the only formula for success, you need to balance it with hard work and other planning techniques in order to do well. Good luck to you!

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