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Horace Tempo House Music Producers in Africa understands the power of collaboration and he has shown time and time again on his social media...




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Horace Tempo has stated without any disrespect to anyone as music production house, that his mentors include Saghohan Danialou Fally Ipupa Angelique...




Yes, my track "SELF" has gained over 700 million streams in one year. It is an uplifting and powerful song that was written and recorded by me, in...



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Indian Musicians & Wedding Band in India

Are you a musician and looking for Indian musicians to create your own band? Or looking for a wedding band in India? No need to worry, we are here! Yes, Izydaisy will fulfill all your needs and help you find Indian musicians and the best wedding band in India. And if you own a wedding band in India, you can get more recognition and audience for your business.

Izydaisy is a portal for Free Classifieds in India where you can buy, sell and advertise anything.

Find Indian Musicians and Wedding Band in India

Music always brings a smile on our face. No matter what the situation is, there’s always a song that you can relate to and enjoy the situation even more. If you think that your music has that quality, you can find Indian musicians from here and collaborate with them to become successful.

You will also find the best wedding bands if you are looking for a wedding band in India for your close-one’s wedding.

Appoint Indian Musicians to your Wedding Band in India

You can also find Indian musicians who are looking to work as an artist in a wedding band in India. So, if you own a wedding band in India and looking for Indian musicians to play instruments in the band, from here you can find Indian musicians like Flute artist, Tabla artist, Harmonium artist, Sitar artist, Keyboard artist, Trumpet artist and more.

Write an offer now and post it here, and find professional Indian musicians from all around the country.


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