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Gurusiksha, ep-y6, 3rd floor, sec-5, salt lake, kolkata, Kolkata, West bengal, 700091

Our online live class is one of the initiatives which can help the students to learn at the ease and comfort of their home. 

Know How online tuition classes can help your child to improve his/her grades.

How online tuition classes can help your child?

There are several ways by which this concept of online tuition classes can help your child to gain the required knowledge which he need. So, let’s explore the facts upon which you can get assurance that your child will receive the best mentor-ship from us.

  • 01

    Experts and experienced teacher will teach your child

    We ensure that your child must receive the best guidance from the experienced and expert private tutors of the state. This will help your child to have a clear conception of the subject in one shot and the candidate will also remember the concepts for longer duration. This is the uniqueness of our online tuition classes.

  • 02

    Can record the live mentoring session

    Being a parent you can record the class in your PC and can ensure that you child must not forget the concepts in the exams that he has learnt. Thus storage of service is also possible.

  • 03

    Less costly and more user friendly in nature

    No need to travel long distances for getting the quality tutor and no need to buy expensive books for studying. The reason being you will get all the concepts covered in our online tuition classes with the availability of the ready made study materials in our online portal.

  • 04

    Personalized care and ensures better results

    Proper hand holding of the students is possible. Repeated doubt clearing online one to one classes on important chapters as well as on those chapters where the student is facing problem is possible. Just the candidate, need to fix the time schedule when and from whom he/she want to receive the classes. Better mentoring sessions can easily upgrade the skill level of the students and help them to score better marks in the examinations.

This is how you can shake hands with the changing need of today’s generation. They want quality education not boring lectures from the teachers. Interactive sessions with the teachers can easily help the students to gain confidence in those subjects where they are weak and feel afraid before appearing the examination.

Our Online tuition services is the most innovative and interactive approach to help the students in scoring excellent marks in the examination.In the upcoming year we will also planning to provide more innovative solutions to help the students in a better manner. So, just join our interactive learning platform and change the future of your child.

How online tuition classes of Gurusiksha is innovative in nature?

The education system in India is advancing towards next level of modernization. In such a scenario the services of Gurusiksha can be of great help for you. The reason being an updated framework of study always grabs the interest level of your child. Better to say that your child can view the concepts in their own bare eyes. Live classes provide the luxury to understand the concepts by sitting back at your home. This makes the child accustomed with the concepts in a better manner. There are several other factors too that can contribute the development in academics for your child due to the process of online live classes.

Hence, let’s explore some of the interesting facts that how our online live sessions has revolutionized the learning process in Kolkata

  • Less scope of Confusion

    In case of normal tuition classes students have to visit at tutors place. There students are taught in batches. Lack of individual care and more chaos is there. Students can learn easily and understand things in a better manner. Scope of understanding is more and confusion is less here. Thus proper interaction with the tutor is possible.

  • Unlimited repetition of sessions is possible

    Students will get the scope of repeating the sessions and rewind the classes as per their need while seeking for online live classes. Some concepts are very difficult to understand in just two to three classes. But due to live classes the scope of repetition of concepts will be more and students can understand the concepts more preciously.

  • Better level of co-ordination with the teacher is possible

    In our case, the co-ordination with the teacher is possible in a better manner. We always try to build a better co-ordination with the students. We try to deliver the best output to the students and deliver the best sessions that will help them in preparing well for the exam.

  • Experts from various domain will teach your child

    When your child will opt for online live classes then they will get the assistance of the best tutors of the state. Quality learning at an affordable rate is possible here. In most cases, parents need to search for quality tutors for their child. But now the possibility of such a search is not here.

  • Students need not to mug up

    Sometimes when students don’t understand the concepts well they try to mug up the concepts. This makes them to forget the concepts at the time of exam. The reason being they have memorized not conceptualized in their mind. This is why the best solutions in this regard are to seek the assistance of online tuition in Kolkata.


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