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V and I have been together, now, for almost 31 years. We met during the sophomore years of our undergraduate program. Few years into our professional careers, we were married and went on to settle down into our suburban lives -- 3 children and a dog.

It was in April 2003, after dinner, V and I watched 'Everybody Loves Raymond' episode 'Who's Next'. In this episode, Ray Romano and his wife choose partners for each other in the event of their death. (Truly, it is one of the funniest episodes ever aired, and one that changed our lifestyle in the months and years to come.)

Few days later, we were on a road trip to Ann Arbor, MI. During the drive, we revisited the episode and laughed again. The conversation turned to us, and we began to joke about applying it in our lives. I distinctly remember her asking me, who I would choose for her. Few miles later, I told her I choose my brother -- R -- for her. She, in turn, chose her widowed sister -- J -- for me Cumshot gay xxx movies

I was not surprised by her chose for me as she knew I liked J a lot; however, she had a naughty smile on her face when she heard that R may be her mate when I pass. After that day, we spoke little about our discussion, but I was intrigued with her expression when she heard my choice for her.

My brother and I are very close. We used to share girls when we were younger. He frequently told me that V is the one that got away, and that he was very envious of me. I had a soft spot for his wife -- K -- too, but always kept my thoughts to myself to avoid any complications.

During the course of 2003, after many conversations with my brother 'R', I shared with him of my choice for my wife. He confessed that he would like to love her too, and suggested we should exchange spouses. I knew he will easily convince his wife -- K. I had the challenge of bringing V to the game.

Day before Thanksgiving 2003, we planned a surprise visit from my brother and his family. V was alarmed by the unexpected visit and was frantic to get the event together. R, K, and I planned and knew the purpose of the visit; V did not. The kids were happy to meet their favorite uncle, aunt, and cousins. That evening, I broke it V that I shared the Ray Romano's Who's Next conversation with R and K; that R was very into her. V was taken aback, but I could see the same smile return to her face.

Thanksgiving Day, as planned K and I intentionally stayed in our rooms longer. R went down early and began to work on V. By the time I went down, R was with V in the kitchen and helping with the dishes. He gave me a hidden thumbs-up, the same sign we used to give each other when we were younger. The day went by fast, and soon we were by the fireplace with kids in their rooms and the dog by the door.

V was in my arms; K an R were cuddling together. R moved towards us and took V by her hand. She followed his lead. K and I saw them closing their bedroom door behind them.

K smiled and unbuttoned her blouse. I moved to sit next to her and for the first time my hands reached into her blouse and cupped her laced bra, my mouth meeting hers. Her tongue rolling on mine as I unhooked her bra to free her D-cupped breasts. Her dark nipples were erect, her legs parted as she laid back on the couch. I could smell her wet panties.

I rose to my feet and bend down and picked up her petite body in my arms. Kissing her I carried her our bedroom. As we passed their room, K wanted us to hear through their door. I obliged and we put our ears to the door. There were soft silent moans and groans. We could sense the passion in the air.

We entered our room and I placed K on the bed that V and I shared through out our lives. I stood against the door as I saw K drop her clothes and lay on the bed, folding her legs to her knees and parting her hairy pussy. She softly said, "I had one brother, let me see what you have to offer."

I went down on my knees and holding her ass firmly, I put my nose into her cunt. I smelled her and her wet dripping cunt closed in on me. My tongue lashed into her and she was getting loud. She moaned as she clutched my hair into her cunt. Her hips raised up, lifting her ass of the bed as I held my mouth firm on her vagina. She squirted with a scream, and continued aloud as she almost fell of the bed.

I heard a knock on the door. I left K on the bed. Wiping my wet face, I answered the door. My brother peeped in, "Guys, keep it down. V is worried that the kids might hear us." R peeped in to see his wife panting for breath. I looked at him with a silent inquiry. He looked at me "She is asking me to use protection."

I laughed. I asked him to wait in the room. I walked over to the room V was in. She was sitting by the bed, in an open bathrobe. I sat next to her and whispered, "If you don't want to, I understand." She looked at me and said "No, it's not that."

Just then R and K walked in. K was naked. R closed the door and began to take his clothes off. K went down on her knees and took R's cock into her mouth. V watched her. R gestured V to come closer. She obeyed and was kneeling down too. R removed himself from his wife's mouth and he stood full 7 inches erect in front of V. V turned around to see me now standing naked by the bed.

K crawled to me and had my manhood into her mouth as well. My brother held V's head and began to hump her mouth gently. I sat back on the bed and K moved with me, not releasing me. The room was filled with noises of oral sex. I closed my eyes as K went to work.

I felt the bed move. I opened my eyes to see V lay next to me, her legs on R's shoulders and her left hand clutched my right hand. She looked into my eyes as R pushed into her gently. He was thick, hard, and deep in her. Unlike K, she moaned softly with an Aaah! escaping her grinding teeth. K mounted me and rode me as she squeezed her dark nipples through her fingers.

Passion filled the air. I could see the joy on R's face. V held her own. K was Cumming again. I had to pull her to me to muffle her screams with my mouth. I held her hard as my hard cock dug deep into her tight wet twat. My thighs were wet and the sheets soaked by her squirt.

My brother moved onto V and full body began to slowly and passionately hump my wife. Her hand released her hold on mine, and circled around on his back, her legs around his ass as he moved in and out of her.

The bed rocked. I was on the edge, so was R. V was shaking, her thighs tightened around R. R was the first to shoot his cum into my wife. Exhausted K rolled to my side, her hands gripping my cock began to vigorously jerk me. V was moaning and her nails dug into R's back. R emptied his balls into V. V's shaking body was held down by his heavy frame. He whispered into her ears, "I love you V, I love you as my own."

V replied with a warm hug, "I love you as my own too, R gay sex chat

K and I look at them, as K continued to milk my thick erection. V, R, and K looked back at me as my cock exploded into the air, falling on my belly and onto K's firm grip. V saw K gather the cum in her hands and lick it clean.

V for the first time in many days looked at me and smiled. I could tell she loved me more now than she did that morning.

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